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We're excited to announce that our first product will be here next week!

But before we get into the product specifics, we wanted to do a quick post to introduce Elivide.

After looking into the supplement world, we found that the vast majority of supplements contained artificial additives or flow agents. The latter is a substance used to essentially push the compound along the manufacturing line. You might see these as magnesium stearate, stearic acid, titanium dioxide or palmitate.

We don't pay for these compounds and they're not good for us. You might even end up with more flow agent than supplement. It's a cheap way to keep costs down.

We also saw a lot of companies using artificial vitamins, poor quality inorganic minerals and bad mineral pairing. All of these create imbalance in the body.

So we wanted to make a completely transparent supplement. Instead of using artificial additives, we use beneficial compounds, with each of the amounts clearly labelled.

We also wanted to do our bit for the environment, manufacturing with 100% renewable energy. You also won't find any plastic bottles, just recycled brown glass and recycled paper packaging.

Elivide Team

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