Shilajit: The Conqueror of Mountains

Shilajit: The Conqueror of Mountains

In sandskrit, the term 'shilajit' translates into different names such as 'conqueror of mountains' and 'destroyer of weekness'. 

For centuriues people living in isolated villages in the Himalayas and adjoining regions have used preparations made from fulvic acid known as as shilajit to help prevent disease. Medical researchers took interest in these small communities after observing their longevity and good health. Dr Salil K. Bhattacharya and scientists from The Neuropharmacology Laboratory and Institute of Medical Sciences in India undertook extensive clinical trials on these preparations. What they found was that fulvic acid appears to increases superoxide dismutase activity (SOD), a master antioxidant which helps break down unstable molecules in cells.

Shilajit contains virtually every element on the periodic table. Fulvic & humic acid are a complex mixture of organic molecules that are formed by the decomposition of organic matter. Once a cell dies, it eventually comes into contact with appropriate soil microbes and will break down into a humic substance. This substance contains ionic minerals, amino and nucleic acids which are readily absorbed through semi-permeable membranes. This is because fulvic acids are of a low molecular weight and water soluble on both sides of the pH scale. All these components work in unison, functioning as a potent electrolyte and antioxidant. 

Why are fulvic & humic acid important now?

These substances used to be abundant in our soil, helping to keep soil and plant life healthy. They are an integral part of the soil microbiome. Sadly, modern day farming practices, including tilling, greatly deplete these these humic substances which means we rarely receive them in our diet. Fulvic acids have been shown to protect plants and animals against various viruses. They facilitate absorption of nutrients and block absorption of toxins allowing the ecosystem to thrive.

If its your first time trying shilajit, we recommend trying 1 capsule after food first and building up slowly from there. Everyone responds differently to fulvic & humic acid preparations so its important to listen to your body.

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