We're a UK based supplement brand, established in 2020. Our supplements are designed by nutritional therapists for both practitioners and the general public. Our primary goal is to utilise compounds as close to nature as possible, whilst maintaining purity, sustainability and affordability.

Sustainability & Philosophy
The source and sustainability ingredients are at the center of what we stand for. We focus on high quality, organic and non-GMO ingredients when formulating, and every ingredient we use comes to us with full traceability. No short cuts allowed. All of our supplements come in recycled glass jars with and we utilise 100% renewable energy in our factory. 

Quality Control
Each product that we utilise comes with a full certificate of analysis and each batch is examined carefully, along with organoleptic tests. All of our products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) procedures. Our factory does not handle tree nuts and all our supplements are free from wheat, dairy and soy.

All of our supplements are 100% additive free; that means no added binders, bulking agents or flow agents. We utilise clean capsule shells made from either vegetable cellulose or pullulan which is derived from tapioca.

Where it started
Elivide was founded by Matt Jarosy, a UK based nutritional therapist & RCP consultant who has been studying nutrition and health for the past 10 years. He was frustrated at seeing how many supplement brands still utilised unnecessary fillers and additives and decided to formulate his own line which is 100% additive free and sustainably made.