Why we prioritise organic ingredients

Why we prioritise organic ingredients

All our wholefood range is certified organic by the Soil Association. The Soil Association symbol is a recognised and trusted mark of organic certification internationally but why choose organic?

Rather than relying on chemical inputs, organic farmers and growers adopt management practices that build and enhance natural soil fertility with the application of organic matter, green manures and long-term crop rotations, and controlling weeds, pests and diseases through mechanical weeding, variety choice and by encouraging natural predators.

A growing number of studies are now linking pesticides to various human health effects. A 2004 review co-authored by the National Cancer Institute concluded that “epidemiological evidence clearly suggests that at current exposures pesticides adversely affect human health”. Some pesticides are also known to disrupt endocrine or hormone function, research reviewed by the EPA and published in a toxicology handbook states. A 2013 report commissioned by the European Food Safety Authority reviewed 600 research studies on pesticides and found the strongest associations with certain cancers, asthma, childhood leukemia and Parkinson’s disease.

But it's not just human health, organic farms have up to 50% more wildlife abundance on average. By supporting organic farming practices, you help support both the environment and your health. You can find our certified organic range here.





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